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Pontoons and Fishing Boats

small fishing boat

With the season winding down, we find people are ready to either dry dock or upgrade their boat. With this yearly turn of events there are others who want to sell, and there is also a frenzy of buyers. My father-in-law, Ivan has brokered boat sales since the beginning and has a reputation for being fair and in the know.

What brings enjoyment to the weekend and vacation boater is time with the family. Family time is the central draw. Jake, who works at a Target Digital Marketing Agency and runs our business development came in the other day and said he had had a good summer with his business. His only regret was he wished he could have spent more time with his wife and kids. Ivan showed him a couple well priced pontoons and one or two fishing boats. Jake said he could see his family really enjoying a boat. He walked out that day with papers in his pocket for a 24-foot pontoon. He said he was going to keep it under wraps, in dry dock and then surprise the family at Christmas. When buying a boat, spending more quality time with family is a major motivator.

Pontoons and fishing boats come into play in our region more than the bigger, wildly expensive crafts. We have a few of those, too at Brownell’s, and of course, it’s possible to spend a small fortune on a modest sized pontoon or fishing boat. However, one of the best parts about purchasing a smaller vessel, is you don’t have to second mortgage your home to get a decent boat. The average turnover for a boat owner is about every 5 years, which means there are used vessels always available. At Brownell we get a fair number of trade-ins, especially as winter begins to approach.

Pontoons and fishing boats give the captain clear sight from the helm. With little time on the water even a newbie can maneuver easily with the confidence of an experienced helmsman. Another advantage is fuel costs. Relegated to the under crazy crowd, most smaller boat owners are aware of saving on fuel and maintenance fees.

Both pontoon and fishing boats are great for a novice captain with little desire to leave rooster tails and outgun their fellow lake dwellers. Most owners of these boats can be seen easing along, just relaxing. These crafts are perfect for enjoying the lull of the water. Moreover, if you have the need for speed a fishing boat can reach speeds of well over 70 mph and pontoons can get up to 40 mph.

When someone comes into the yard who is primarily interested in fishing we show him or her right to a Boston Whaler. This pretty little baby is just over 27 ft. long with a 9 ft. beam. Sporting a 450 horsepower twin engine, it makes getting to your destination as much fun as angling itself. Heck, you might not want to stop and fish.

For the well-seasoned and serious fisherman stepping onto the deck of boat with over 1,000 hp is a call to action. The Everglades 435cc or the Invincible 36 or the Pursuit OS 435 will unquestionably fill the bill.

At Brownell Boat Yard we’ve seen most, if not all in the decades we’ve served the boating public. The best part is, there is always something new and fun. The flip side of that coin, is there is always something fun and old to refurbish and continue to enjoy for years to come.

Ring in with your favorite boat makes and models. Share a comment below.