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We have been a family owned business since the early 1970s and are proud to be three generations strong. Boating is in our blood. We enjoy the activity of all things boats. The Brownell family has been on the water as sailors, divers, repair crews, salvage recovery, suppliers and expert craftsmen. We have dedicated our professional lives to making sure that others have an outstanding experience enjoying the water and the numerous styles and types of craft that sit upon it.

Located in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts we are a seasonal business, but boy do we make the most of our good weather. We can set you up for the day or years with a boat that suits your skills and sense of adventure. Even though we are a small player in a huge industry, we have clientele from all over the country as well as from our Northern neighbors of Canada who rely on us as the go-to boat folks.

The advantage of being a small supplier is we can give a personal touch to everyone who comes into our yard. That’s why we also have a blog post. We want you to feel like a part of the family, so we keep you in the loop about what goes on here at Brownell.

As writer of the blog, it falls on me to tell the stories around the daily work at a boat yard. I also know that if a good deal comes into the yard, you need to know what the guys here think about it. I try to cover the gamut from the insider’s point of view. I appreciate the variety of folks that come our way – the water is a great common denominator when it comes to sharing something so many of us love.

I’m June and I write the blogs. Gary, my husband, is a master craftsman boat builder. Our son Jacob is constantly learning the ropes – literally, as he enters his tween years. His grandparents. Ivan and Jules, have sailed every sea and ocean on the planet. To say we are boat people would be putting it mildly, and we welcome you to the inside of Brownell Boat Yard.