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Category: Hauntings

Haunting at the Boat Yard

USS MurphyHe came through the door with half a smile on his face. Since he was the only one in the yard locking up tonight, I wondered what had gotten into him. I noticed he was also a little flushed and it wasn’t his summer tan. The next instant I knew. He had seen old Joe McCoy.

Gary hadn’t seen old Joe since last Fall. Jacob, our son used to see him frequently when he was younger, but now as a 12-year-old, not as much. Gary told me that he was out at slip 15 checking a mooring before heading off to repair the water purification system at the boat house. He looked up, and he saw a man standing at the end of the dock. Because it is not uncommon to have a late arrival and see someone on the pier, my husband walked toward him to check if there was anything he could do to lend a hand.

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