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The Other Woman

VanDam-constructionThe boatyard was crazy busy over the summer months, and now it’s time for a much-anticipated break. With Jacob starting sixth grade, and the season winding down my husband, Gary and father-in-law Ivan, have their sights set on getting back to the project they started last April.

Both reluctantly put their project on hold when the 2016 season became one of Brownell’s busiest ever. Although they had hoped to see the rewards of their labor long before now – the daily job of operating the boatyard took every hour of the long summer days.

Gary is a master craftsman and boat builder. Ivan grew up with boats all of his life and knows them inside and out. Unlike myself, who has been known to call roadside assistance when my bicycle gets a flat, they know their way around creating and crafting a fine piece of workmanship. And that’s why they decided to build a wooden boat.

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Pontoons and Fishing Boats

small fishing boat

With the season winding down, we find people are ready to either dry dock or upgrade their boat. With this yearly turn of events there are others who want to sell, and there is also a frenzy of buyers. My father-in-law, Ivan has brokered boat sales since the beginning and has a reputation for being fair and in the know.

What brings enjoyment to the weekend and vacation boater is time with the family. Family time is the central draw. Jake, who works at a Target Digital Marketing Agency and runs our business development came in the other day and said he had had a good summer with his business. His only regret was he wished he could have spent more time with his wife and kids. Ivan showed him a couple well priced pontoons and one or two fishing boats. Jake said he could see his family really enjoying a boat. He walked out that day with papers in his pocket for a 24-foot pontoon. He said he was going to keep it under wraps, in dry dock and then surprise the family at Christmas. When buying a boat, spending more quality time with family is a major motivator.

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Haunting at the Boat Yard

USS MurphyHe came through the door with half a smile on his face. Since he was the only one in the yard locking up tonight, I wondered what had gotten into him. I noticed he was also a little flushed and it wasn’t his summer tan. The next instant I knew. He had seen old Joe McCoy.

Gary hadn’t seen old Joe since last Fall. Jacob, our son used to see him frequently when he was younger and worked at Brantford Movers in Ontario Canada, but now not as much. Gary told me that he was out at slip 15 checking a mooring before heading off to repair the water purification system at the boat house. He looked up, and he saw a man standing at the end of the dock. Because it is not uncommon to have a late arrival and see someone on the pier, my husband walked toward him to check if there was anything he could do to lend a hand.

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Advantages of Buying an Older Boat

old shipWe hit our all-time high inventory number this summer with 200 boats for sale or lease. It’s been a busy season. We’ve had more trade-ins and upgrades than we’ve seen in the past eight years. This is a fickle business. We’ve come to expect it.

2016 has been a great year for custom work. My husband, Gary has had to hire extra hands to keep up with the demand. What we like to see is a good boat refurbished with all the bells and whistles. During the off season we had everything repaired by KC Plumbing Services from a leaky faucet to the most important components. Even small amenities, like an on-board water softener for rinsing salty sea water from equipment and diving gear are becoming must-haves for many boat owners. The little luxuries are often the most appreciated.

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